• Making Meaning of Data

    Our tools turn data into meaningful maps and reports to help explain issues, start conversations and improve decision-making.

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  • Community Collaborations

    Members of our CIM Partner Network are committed to promoting data-driven community collaborations to reach community goals.

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  • Telling Community Stories

    Our CIM partners go beyond data to tell stories around community issues.

    Our featured story focuses on helping children in high poverty low performing schools succeed. Trident United Way’s Links to Success initiative supports a community goal of increasing high school graduation rates.

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  • Try It: Featured Maps

    To get you started, we have created basic maps on today’s hot topics so you can begin exploring these issues in your community.

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Welcome to Community Issues Management

Community Issues Management (CIM) is a web-based collaborative management system designed for local and regional organizations to frame, manage and take action on complex issues. CIM can be employed as a tool for use within organizations and as a tool for community engagement to foster participation in transparent, data-informed and collaborative decision making.

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